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How you can help!

You can help your community by:

  • Recycling more

  • Not buying unnecessary items

  • Avoiding plastic wrapping (food and other products)

  • Buying in bulk instead of multiple singular items.

  • Avoiding single use items

  • Reusing as much things as you can

  • Planning ahead (EX: to not over buy, to not waste money)

  • Taking note of expiration dates as to not let food go to waste

  • Using reusable energy

  • Reducing water waste 

  • Buying more (energy) efficient tools like lightbulbs

  • shrinking your carbon profile

  • repopulating rainforests and other environments (you can do this by donating to organizations)

  • not wasting food

  • carpooling or using public transportation or biking (when it is safe of course)

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