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Image by Alex Talmon

Help Our Planet Earth Uniforms Program

Request Uniforms

HOPE has received over 8,000 donated clothing articles, from which in turn has given over 6,300 articles to families in the community. 

We are a socially responsible organization that aims to help communities reduce contribution to the landfills by collecting gently used school uniforms and redistributing  them back to families who need them.

We have free clean, gently used school uniforms ready just for you!  Just fill out our Uniforms Request Form and we will get back to you within 5-7 business days.

Drop-off your uniforms at the front office of any school H.O.P.E. services during school hours! These uniforms will be redistributed back to families who could use them, giving them a second life.


22 million tons of textile waste are annually contributed to landfills, each article taking 25-45 years to decompose while releasing greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.  Make an impact today!

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