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Donate your Uniforms!

The H.O.P.E. Uniforms Program is able to provide such a service for free because of the generosity of families who care about the environment and communities.   Please feel free to donate any unneeded or outgrown school uniforms as H.O.P.E. will be able to repurpose them and find them new lives with families who could use the clothes.

Please drop off your uniforms at the front office of any school H.O.P.E. services anytime during school hours in the designated bin.  If there isn’t a donation bin in the school’s front office,  please let the office staff know you have uniform donations for H.O.P.E.  The schools that accept uniform donations for H.O.P.E. are College Park, Bayside Academy, and Fiesta Gardens.

Thank you for advocating for a more sustainable future, avoiding unnecessary landfilll contribution and for giving another family clothes to wear.  The families who will be receiving your uniforms will appreciate your donation.

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