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The Environmental Cause

As H.O.P.E. Uniforms Program, we help the community by avoiding contributing to landfills! Did you know that it takes 25-45 years for a single article piece of clothing to decompose, and releases natural gases while it does! Methane is one of the main gases that are emitted, and they are 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide in a 20 year period. Over time, this can add up and be detrimental to our planet Earth. Also, an average person annually spends about $1800 on an estimated 65 clothing pieces per year. Of these clothes at least 85% of the all clothing bought contribute to landfills. This also means about 13 million tons of clothing and textile waste that are wasted in the US, alone. That is a lot of clothing garments wasted, and greenhouse gasses that contribute to global warming! With our program, we can help the community environmentally and economically by recycling our school uniforms! 

Not only this, but 1.4 million wearable school uniforms in the UK are thrown away each year. Studies in the UK shows that 81% of parents buy their children brand new school uniforms, and nearly half of all parents admit they have pieces of clothing that they have never worn. Results also shows that about 2 in every 10 families throw their uniforms away once they worn them. This is unacceptable and is adding unnecessary waste to our environment. We can easily fix this by being more efficient in buying and using clothing. 

Some research suggests that just extending the lifespan of clothes by 3 months can result in a 5-10 percent reduction in carbon, waste, and waste footprint. This a major difference that takes little effort. Everyone can help fight against global warming, and it does not have to be something big or committing. 


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